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UMass 4+1 Accelerated Master's Degree Programs

UMass Accelerated Masters Jumpstarting their careers

Jumpstart your future career with UMass 4+1

UMass 4+1 accelerated master's programs allow you to earn your bachelor’s degree plus your master’s degree in a combined effort.

  • Gain a competitive edge by getting ahead in your career path.
  • Get more from your time at UMass.
  • Graduate faster, earn two degrees in as few as five years.
  • Multiple degree options available to achieve your career goals.


The UMass 4+1 difference

Simplifying your path to graduate school

  • No GRE required.
  • $0 application fees.
  • Seamless transition.

Get started sooner and save!

  • Convenient, cost-effective way to start your career.
  • Save time: earn two degrees in a total of five years (or sooner) vs. the traditional six or seven.
  • Save money: get two degrees for a lower cost/investment than separately.

Greater job opportunities

  • Gain a competitive edge.
  • Greater income potential over time.
  • Combine interests to broaden your educational experience as well as career prospects.

Why UMass 4+1?

Materials Science & Engineering
Sage Seymour

The Materials Science & Engineering 4+1 degree gave me the perfect opportunity to advance my career, refine my studies, and pursue a passion of mine while continuing to be a part of the UMass community. This program gave me an opportunity that I didn’t have in undergrad to study a distinctive interest in materials while gaining industry experience, working for my university, and taking unique and specialized courses. Ultimately, I am thankful to the UMass 4+1 program for the opportunity to pursue a fascinating field and start my career off at a higher level.

Sage Seymour, UMass 4+1 BS Biomedical Engineering / MS in Material Science Engineering

Business Analytics
Gina Garzone

Isenberg’s MS in Business Analytics (MSBA) 4+1 not only accelerates my entry into the workforce with a master's level qualification, but also equips me with the expertise sought after by industries increasingly reliant on data-driven insights. Additionally, employers frequently find the MSBA program interesting and a great conversation starter.” Gina Zarcone, UMass 4+1 Master of Science in Business Analytics.

Gina Zarcone, UMass 4+1 Master of Science in Business Analytics

Public Policy
Julia Fox

The UMass 4+1 accelerated master's program has provided me with the necessary tools to be successful as a young woman leader, through a curriculum that facilitates confidence, growth, and empowerment. I will be able to enter the workforce quickly with an advanced degree, tangible skills, and a strong passion for making a difference in my community.

Julia Fox, UMass 4+1 Master of Public Policy


Data Analytics and Computational Social Science
Leah UMass 4+1 Master of Data Analytics and Computational Social Science Student

The UMass 4+1 program has been rigorously preparing me with necessary skills all within the timeline that works best for me. On top of that, the DACSS curriculum emphasizes critical applications of quantitative methodologies, which, for me, is imperative for anyone interested in using data for social good.

Leah Dion, UMass 4+1 Master of Science in Data Analytics and Computational Social Science

What is UMass 4+1?

UMass 4+1 is the program that gives academic credit toward your undergraduate degree while at the same time fulfilling some of the course requirements of a graduate degree.


What is an accelerated master's program?

An accelerated master’s degree is an explicit arrangement of graduate admissions, courses, and requirements to enable you to complete the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and a specified master’s degree in less calendar time (accelerated) than would be required through normal sequential enrollment.


Could I earn more with a master's degree?

Absolutely. According to the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, “Each level of education you complete may help you develop more skills, give you access to higher paying occupations, and signal that you’re able to follow through on important tasks, such as planning ahead and meeting deadlines, that employers value.”


Are there remote or flexible learning options for UMass 4+1?

Yes! At UMass Amherst, we holistically work to support your learning goals. Many courses and programs have hybrid and flexible learning options, powered by UMass Flex, to optimize the experience and support equitable learning. Inquire about a specific UMass 4+1 accelerated master's program of your interest and ask what’s available for online, hybrid, or UMass Flex.


How do I apply to a UMass 4+1 program?

The standard application procedures for admission to UMass 4+1 remains conditional until the applicant completes the baccalaureate degree and fulfills the Graduate School and chosen graduate program’s requirements for admission. Once you are ready to learn more, contact the specific school that offers the program. Current students can review the Transfer Credits form.


Do I have to be a UMass Amherst student to enroll?

Undergraduate students at UMass Amherst, as well as colleges in the Five College Consortium (Amherst College, Hampshire College, Mount Holyoke College, and Smith College), are welcome to apply to UMass 4+1 to seamlessly continue their graduate studies and finish their degree.


Is UMass 4+1 right for me?

Have your questions answered.

UMass 4+1 students may be eligible to complete the program sooner by accelerating their studies (specifically, students that enter UMass Amherst with multiple AP credits). Check with the individual program to discuss different opportunities for you.

UMass 4+1: UMass 4+1 is a portfolio of master's programs specific to the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Open to UMass Amherst students as well as other colleges in the Five College Consortium.

Accelerated Master's: An accelerated master's degree option is an explicit arrangement of graduate admissions, courses, and other requirements to enable a student to complete the requirements for a baccalaureate degree and a specified master's degree in less calendar time than would be required through normal sequential enrollment.

Specialized Master's: A portfolio of master's degree programs that are available as Accelerated Master's programs for UMass 4+1.

Application Fee Waiver: For current UMass Amherst and other Five College undergraduate students applying to a master's-only program, excluding MFA programs, the fee is automatically waived; no additional documentation is necessary.