The completion of the 4+1-based M.S. degree requires a minimum of 32 credits, which are consistent with the non-thesis-based M.S. degree requirements.

These requirements include credits from coursework, industry internship or independent study with MSE-affiliated faculty (practicum), and research seminar attendance. Required coursework will consist of four three-credit core courses and six three-credit electives.

Two of the six elective courses should be chosen to attain further specialization in a sub-field of MSE (e.g., advanced manufacturing, biomaterials, electronic materials, etc.); of the four remaining electives, students may take up to two Engineering Management courses and up to one practicum course (MSE-related industry internship or an independent study with MSE-affiliated faculty) for three credits.

Explore the MSE Graduate Student Handbook for specific requirements and recommended timetables for various programs of study.