Students will require 30 credits for satisfactory completion of the accelerated M.S. degree. Of the required 30 credits, a minimum of 21 will be within BME. A minimum of 6 credits at the 600 level or higher will be required (in addition to a minimum of 6 thesis [699] credits); non-thesis student will be required to take a minimum of 12 credits at the 600 level or higher. A minimum of 18 credits of credits of coursework will be required. Students wishing to complete a thesis may take up to 12 credits of BME 699 (Master’s Thesis).

To help accelerate progress towards the M.S. degree, up to twelve credits of graduate level coursework taken during a student's undergraduate degree can be transferred directly to the M.S. degree. The student may use up to six of those credits (i.e., two courses) to satisfy degree requirements in both their bachelors and graduate programs. These “double counted” courses will be from the list of BME-approved classes.  Additionally, a student may take up to 6 credits of independent study over the summer after their senior year working with a faculty advisor.