Student interns working in the ADDFab Core Facility at UMass Amherst.

Student Research

The Core Summer Internship Program offers undergraduates hand-on research experience in state-of-the-art labs along with soft-skills training.


As the Commonwealth's flagship public research university, UMass Amherst offers students unparalleled support, top facilities, and opportunities for meaningful research collaborations with leading faculty, multi-industry companies, and technology clusters in the Greater Boston area and beyond. Learn all about student research opportunities at UMass Amherst in this FAQ.

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Goldwater Scholars


Fulbright Scholars


Boren Awards


In addition to research through courses, students can also work in faculty labs and participate in research and scholarly opportunities on and off campus throughout the year, international programs, internships and co-ops, and more.

Grasshopper Anderson-Merritt, PhD student

Grasshopper Anderson-Merritt, a doctoral student in UMass Amherst's Department of Earth, Geographic, and Climate Sciences, conducts research on earthquakes, which aims to inform building codes, disaster relief plans, and other aspects of public policy. Anderson-Merritt won the Graduate School's 2023 Three Minute Thesis (3MT) Competition, which challenges graduate students to explain the significance of their research to a general audience in three minutes or less, helping them hone their presentation and communication skills.

Student Emily Knick with linguistics research equipment.

Through an independent research study of her own design, Emily Knick ‘23 is investigating how languages evolve and what such changes can teach us about how the brain produces and perceives language.

Photolithography process

In Sarah Perry's microfluidics course, students get hands-on research experience with real-world applications.

Rising Researcher trophies

The Rising Researcher program recognizes undergraduate students who excel in research, challenge their intellect, and exercise exceptional creativity. Meet these talented students whose research is already making a difference in the worlds of policy, medicine, and technology.

At UMass Amherst, undergraduates find ample opportunities to get involved in research, scholarship, and creative activity. These young scholars apply their intellectual curiosity and grit to solving challenging problems and sharing their talents for the benefit of society. Whether studying foodborne pathogens or the health-related effects of cigarette smoking, the earliest stages of star formation in distant galaxies or the evolution of communities on social media platforms, the Spring 2023 Rising Researchers have contributed to projects that may just change the world. Along the way, they have learned new skills, gained new confidence, discovered new passions, and forged new pathways for discovery.