Prepare to become a leader who can understand and mitigate the effects of environmental stressors on the human health. UMass Amherst’s MPH in environmental health sciences (EHS) equips you with the knowledge and leadership skills to make the planet a safer, healthier place for humans and other species.

Our program combines a foundation in environmental health sciences with broader training in public health sciences. Students will also be able to take elective courses focused on environmental and molecular epidemiology, environmental monitoring and exposure science, and environmental toxicology.

The 4+1 accelerated master of public health (BS/MPH) program is rigorous, offering high-achieving undergraduates a pathway to a graduate degree that is highly respected and in demand. With a total of 42 graduate credits, the program is designed to be finished in four semesters; two of these semesters are completed during an undergraduate's senior year. Students finish with both a BS and an MPH degree.