UMass Flex

UMass Flex

UMass Flex Student Holding Laptop and Backpack

A Vision of Revolutionary Flexibility

UMass Amherst is dedicated to providing students with a dynamic learning environment that adapts to their evolving needs. The UMass Flex initiative is our multi-year plan that empowers students to transition seamlessly between various modes of learning.

We are committed to ensuring that every student has the freedom to tailor their academic experience for maximum personal and professional growth. 

UMass Flex

What is UMass Flex?

UMass Flex is anything that extends beyond the traditional, on-campus student experience. As a UMass Amherst student, you can enroll in UMass Flex programming and courses that expand the traditional full-time, on-campus UMass Amherst experience by offering alternative learning modes and locations. UMass Flex options include alternative learning modes (online) and locations (e.g. Greater Boston, UMass Abroad). UMass Flex options are student-centered, inclusive, and accessible to students at various stages of their academic journey.

Jakob Gokey, UMass Flex Student

“With UMass Flex I was able to maintain full-time enrollment in asynchronous classes throughout my deployment. I was able to watch recordings of lectures, complete assignments and labs online, and meet for 1-on-1 help virtually. This made it easy for me to stay on track even when I couldn’t be there physically. As I approach graduation, I’ve decided to enroll in all in-person classes, but I know that if something changes in my schedule I can rely on this flexibility to continue my education.”


Jakob Gokey, B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in International Relations and Master of Public Policy, School of Public Policy (February 2024)

Bridget Benner, UMass Flex Student

“Having flexible access to meetings, classes, and seminars, watching pre-recorded lessons that I can review on my own time, and having access to peer reviewed journals through UMass library databases have been crucial to my success as a PhD student during pregnancy.”


Bridget Benner, PhD Mechanical Engineering, College of Engineering (December 2023)