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Undergraduate Admissions

First-Year Admissions Counselors

Any questions about the undergraduate admissions process can be directed to our general email or our main phone line at (413) 545-0222. 

UMass admissions counselors visit high schools and participate in college fairs throughout the year.  Please see below for a list of admissions counselors and their assigned territories.

Profile Listing
University of Massachusetts admissions staff Erin Bernard

Erin Bernard

Associate Director of First-Year Reading

Massachusetts high schools, North Dakota, South Dakota

Admissions counselor Suhilah Booker sits in the Recreation Center at the University of Massachusetts

Suhilah Booker

Assistant Director of Admissions

Massachusetts high schools, Mississippi, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina

University of Massachusetts admissions staff Rachel Bukoski

Rachel Bukoski

Assistant Director of Admissions
Admissions counselor Dylan Davies stands in the Recreation Center at the University of Massachusetts

Dylan Davies

Assistant Director of Admissions

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts high schoolsNew Jersey high schools, New York (Long Island)

Portrait of University of Massachusetts Director of First Year Admissions Mike Drish, standing on campus wearing a suit and smiling

Mike Drish

Director of First-Year Admissions

Arizona, California, Colorado, Massachusetts high schools, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming

Admissions counselor Rachel Masson stands on idyllic farmland, with the University of Massachusetts campus visible in the distance

Rachel Masson

Associate Director of First-Year Recruitment

Arkansas, Massachusetts high schools, Nevada, Ohio, Texas

Admissions counselor Jasmine Amegan Rosario is visible between stacks of books on shelves in the Du Bois Library at the University of Massachusetts

Jasmine Amegan Rosario

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Alaska, Idaho, Massachusetts high schools, Montana, 

Admissions counselor Jarrett Saunders smiles in the UPub at the University of Massachusetts

Jarrett Saunders

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions

Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Louisiana, Massachusetts high schools, Tennessee

UMass admissions counselor head shot, in black shirt with gold necklace smiling at camera

Holli Selman

Admissions Counselor

Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

Admissions counselor Alex Seymour stands near a historic brick wall in South College at the University of Massachusetts

Alex Seymour

Assistant Director of Admissions

Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey high schools, Oklahoma, Vermont, West Virginia

Admissions counselor Melissa Tuttle Sibley stands near the modern architecture of the Integrated Sciences Building at the University of Massachusetts

Melissa Tuttle Sibley

Assistant Director of Admissions

Alabama, Massachusetts high schools, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin