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Undergraduate Admissions

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Discover UMass for Yourself

You probably have lots of questions about UMass, and what your next four years here will be like. Everyone on campus is eager to help you find the answers you need! The links on this page will connect you to resources who can provide information about academics, student life, and everything else you need to prepare for college.

Your School and Major

Want to know more about what you'll be studying? Check out the websites for your school and major, follow them on social media, and sign up for departmental newsletters.

Clubs and Student Organizations

With more than 300 student organizations, there are plenty of groups and activities where you can make friends, have fun, and pursue your interests.

Talk to Tour Guides

Our friendly and informative tour guides are always happy to connect and tell you about their experiences at UMass. Just email tours@admissions.umass.edu with your questions, and let us know if there is someone in particular who you are interested in talking to.

Resources at UMass

Looking for something else? Our resource list will connect you to offices and departments across campus.

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