Undergraduate Admissions

Financial and Visa Information

Financial Information

UMass Amherst is a need blind institution; this means that we do not consider an applicant's financial situation when deciding admission. Most financial aid in the U.S. is restricted to students who are from the U.S. or who are legal residents or green card holders. Because UMass Amherst cannot offer financial assistance to undergraduate students from other countries, international students must certify that sufficient resources are available to cover expenses for the first calendar year at the university (exclusive of travel expenses). You must also indicate how you will meet your expenses for subsequent years.

However, we are proud to consider qualified international first-year undergraduate students for a limited amount of academic-based financial awards of up to $16,000 USD per academic year. No separate application is required, as students are automatically considered once admitted to the university. The financial awards were established to recognize the high level of academic achievement of students coming to our university from around the world. (Available to undergraduate students only.)

When considering how to finance your UMass Amherst education, please be aware that tuition and some fees will vary depending on the college/major to which you have been admitted. Additionally, the cost of attendance typically increases each year. When evaluating costs, note that international students pay the out-of-state (non-Massachusetts) tuition rate.

The estimated costs of attendance are available from the International Programs Office (IPO) website.

Visa Document Information

UMass Amherst does not require any visa or immigration related documentation at the time of application.

Once you have received an offer of admission and confirmed your place at UMass Amherst by paying the non-refundable enrollment fee, the International Programs Office (IPO) will send you an email with the subject line, "Visa Sponsorship." Please do not submit documents to request your I-20 unit you receive the email. Visit the IPO website for information on how to obtain your visa document.