UMass Students
Undergraduate Admissions

International Scams

We have been notified of a potential increase in the number of admissions and immigration scams targeting international students. Such scams can take the form of promises of admission and/or scholarships (or even visa documents), and are often found on non-university web pages or offered by a stranger or agency claiming to represent the university or the U.S. government.

Please know that UMass Amherst does not work with agents or outside agencies with regards to undergraduate admission or student immigration. 

If you see advertisement of such services, or are contacted by someone claiming to represent the university please take caution. Feel free to contact our International Programs Office (413-545-2710) or our Office of Undergraduate Admissions straight away to verify any claims. You may also contact U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations Tip Line to report any suspicious criminal activity.