Spring at UMass Amherst

Undergraduate Programs

Be Bright. Be Bold. Be You.

At UMass Amherst, our students are creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs. On our campus, they fearlessly challenge the conventions of today in pursuit of a better tomorrow. With over 100 major subject areas for full and part-time students, at UMass Amherst, you have the freedom to dream bigger. Expand your opportunities both on campus and off through the Five College Consortium, online classes, and blended format programs.

Discover the World

The courses at UMass Amherst are as diverse and creative as our students. From science fiction to civil rights, our course catalog reflects the myriad interests, communities, and academic fields that thrive on our campus.

We Rise Together

Student Success
UMass Student Success

The Student Success Program isn't here to help you achieve, it's here to make it easier. Because you know what you want to do, and Student Success gives you the tools to work smarter and achieve bigger. Hear from current UMass students about the different ways the Student Success Program made it possible for them to meet the right people, connect with new organizations, and get more out of their UMass Experience.



Commonwealth Honors College students

In the Commonwealth Honors College at UMass Amherst, you’ll find a tight-knit community centered on small classes and personalized experiences, with the resources of a major research university. Form close bonds with faculty, gain access to special programs and research grants, and explore courses outside your major to create an educational experience all your own.

For recent UMass Amherst graduate, Jeanai Celestin, the Commonwealth Honors College helped her meet students with a similar drive and provided a support system that empowered her to achieve new possibilities.

First Things First

Each year UMass Amherst offers over 200 First-Year Seminars for its incoming class. These topic-driven, 19-person courses allow students to explore new fields in a small-class setting. In addition, First-Year Seminar instructors teach a variety of general skills and coach students for college success. Seminars are also available for transfer students, designed with their unique paths in mind.

Beyond the Classroom

At UMass Amherst, sometimes the most important learning starts once you’re out of the classroom and into the real world.

UMass Amherst student abroad in Chile

Earn academic credit, stand out to global employers, and enrich your perspective on the world. Study pre-med in Brisbane, complete an internship in London, conduct field research in Costa Rica and much more.

UMass Amherst students at Mass General Hospital

Whether you’re on our main campus in western Massachusetts or on our Mount Ida Campus closer to Boston, UMass Amherst has the connections you need to learn on the job from top organizations in a range of industries.

UMass Amherst Student Farm

Through UMass Civic Engagement and Service-Learning, you can participate in programs of research and public service that advance knowledge and improve the world.

Brokk Toggerson, Physics, UMass Amherst

Creating An Inclusive Classroom

Physics lecturer Brokk Toggerson strives to bring equity and inclusion into every aspect of his classroom. From ensuring all students start at the same level of understanding, to teaching in different modalities like video and 3D modeling of advanced concepts, Dr. Toggerson brings physics to life in ways that are relevant and tangible to each of his students.


Empowering Your Best

At UMass Amherst, our advisors are here for you, to empower you and give you the tools you need to reshape your world. All undergraduate students, including students in an Exploratory Track, are assigned to an academic advisor and academic dean within the school, college or program that coincides with their academic major status. Students can get assistance from academic deans and advising faculty and staff with choosing a major, making a transition between majors, developing an academic plan, and advancing towards graduation in a timely manner.