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Undergraduate Admissions

Forms for Application Processing and Review

Transfer College Report or Transfer Disciplinary Report

After reviewing application materials, transfer counselors may additionally require a Common Application Transfer College Report (available on the Common Application website) or a UMass Amherst Transfer Disciplinary Report to determine if applicants have a disciplinary history at any of the FOUR-YEAR colleges or universities they have previously attended and, only if living on-campus, two year colleges. Without this information, their applications will be considered incomplete.

How criminal history/disciplinary information is considered: Although we request that you disclose criminal history on your application, any information you provide will not be used to determine your candidacy for admission. Candidacy will be based only on your academic performance, test scores, activities, essay, recommendations, and so on. If you are admissible, only then will one of our directors look at the criminal history information you provided. This separate evaluation will be done to determine whether the criminal activity was serious enough to have a bearing on the final admissions decision. In the rare event that we determine prior criminal history may adversely affect your candidacy for admission, we typically ask an applicant to first provide additional information to help us in making our determination.

Note: You are not required to answer “yes” to the criminal history question if the criminal adjudication or conviction: (1) has been expunged, sealed, annulled, pardoned, destroyed, erased, impounded, or otherwise ordered by a court to be kept confidential; (2) was a first conviction for misdemeanor drunkenness, simple assault, speeding, minor traffic violations, or disturbance of the peace; or (3) any conviction of a misdemeanor where the conviction occurred more than five years prior to the date of this application, unless you were sentenced to imprisonment upon conviction of the misdemeanor, or you have been convicted of another criminal offense within the five-year period.

Gap Explanation

Students who have not been enrolled in college course work  for one or more semesters after high school graduation must provide an explanation about the reason for the gap/s in their education. This may take the form of a resume, a list of activities, or an essay. Please upload your gap explanation to your student status page as "Gap Explanation Statement."

Mid-Term Grades Form

Mid-semester grades can help us determine general admissibility or admissibility to a particular major. If you’ve been asked to submit mid-term grades, we would like to provide you with the opportunity to submit additional academic information before making a final decision. 

We accept mid-term grades in various forms, including screenshots from your portal, screenshots from your professors, etc. We encourage you to upload all you mid-term grades in one document to your Student Status Page as the material type “Mid-term grade.” Another option is to complete the Mid-Term Grades Form with your professors and upload it to your Student Status Page, if your classes are being offered in-person. Please note, mid-semester grades for all courses in progress are required.

To create a single document from multiple grade report screenshots, select all of the files, command your computer to print them, and select Print to PDF.  This will create a single PDF file with all of your grades, which can then be uploaded to your Student Status Page.

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Final Grade Report

After reviewing application materials, transfer counselors may additionally require final grades to determine general admissibility or admissibility to a particular major. Without this information, applications will be considered incomplete. Please upload a screenshot of your final grades, once posted to your school’s student system, to your student status page as material type “Final Grade Report (Transfer students only).”