This aerial view of the University of Massachusetts shows the center of campus in the foreground, with the dorms of Southwest visible in the distance
Undergraduate Admissions


We're delighted that you are interested in visiting UMass Amherst! Below you will find information about planning your visit and traveling to campus.

Campus Tours & Info Sessions

UMass Amherst Undergraduate Admissions offers in-person campus tours and first-year admissions information sessions throughout the week. Our tours and information sessions offer students and families the opportunity to learn more about life at UMass Amherst and our first-year application process.


Fall Visit Days

Take a step into your future at UMass Amherst Fall Visit Days on Sunday, October 15, and Sunday, October 22. Tour our beautiful campus, meet our stellar students and faculty, and learn how you can become part of this powerful community.  Join us on campus in October and experience UMass for yourself! Registration is now open.  




More Ways to Meet UMass

We can't wait to meet you! Our student tour guides, admissions counselors, and academic partners are eager to answer your questions and guide you through the admissions process. 

Check out our in-person and online events for opportunities where you can interact, ask questions, and learn all about the UMass Amherst experience.

Group Tours

UMass Amherst Undergraduate Admissions offers group tours to high schools, community-based organizations and community colleges that work with students at the 9th-grade level and above.

To request a group tour (10-60 students) for your high school group, community-based organization or community college, please see the schedule linked below. Space is extremely limited, so it is recommended to schedule a group tour well in advance. Groups are also welcome to visit UMass at any time and tour campus on their own


UMass Campus Vista

Amherst is known as one of the top college towns in North America! The town really has it all, and it will be your home as a UMass Amherst student.

Meet Our Tour Guides

Profile Listing
Tour Guide Ally

Ally '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Boxborough, Massachusetts

Double Major: Kinesiology and Public Health (Pre-Medical)

Activities and Involvement:  UMass CHAARG, Pre-Medical Society, Behavioral Medicine Lab, Kinesiology Club, Public Health Club

What is your favorite tour stop?: My favorite tour stop is the Dining stop in front of the Worcester Dining Commons. I love seeing prospective students get excited about trying our #1 dining, and I like to see how shocked they are when I tell them that we have 52 dining locations across campus (they usually only guess about 7 or 8). Also, it is awesome to be able to reassure people that even with a food allergy or dietary restriction they will be more than happy here at UMass. The gluten free chocolate chip cookies are the best cookie ever... please don't tell my Mom. 

I chose UMass Amherst because it is the best of both worlds. Here I am able to create my own small-school feel while also being part of a larger community at a world-class university. There are so many resources available to me as a student, and every faculty member I have come across is supportive and wants me to succeed. I switched majors three times in just one semester, and UMass made that process seamless and easy, allowing me to explore my interests and learn from other perspectives. I could go on and on about how much I love UMass, so if you have any questions, I would love to talk to you! 

UMass student standing on a beach at sunset

Andrew '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Downingtown, Pennsylvania

Major: Speech Language & Hearing Sciences and Public Health

Activities & Involvement: Outing Club, National Student Speech-Language & Hearing Club, Social media manager Special Olympics club, Vice president Cycling and Sustainability Club, and Intramural Soccer Team

UMass tour guide with a hand on her hip

Bella ‘24 (she/her)

Hometown: West Tisbury, Massachusetts

Double Major: Journalism and Psychology

Activities and Involvement: The Daily Collegian, Boxing

UMass Hidden Gem: My UMass hidden gem is South College — the perfect place to study!

Smiling UMass student in a grey blazer

Bella '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Pembroke, Massachusetts

Major: Marketing

Activities & Involvement: Commonwealth Honors College, UMass Women in Business Co-director of Professional Events

Why I chose UMass: I chose UMass because of the extensive support and resources that the university has to offer. I have never once felt under-advised and have always had someone to turn to when I needed guidance. Additionally, UMass offers numerous opportunities for students to thrive, including various clubs, organizations, and support groups on campus.

Portrait of a student sitting on a stool in a black t shirt and jeans

Ben '24 (he/him)

Hometown: Natick, Massachusetts

Major: Theater

Activities & Involvement: UMass Theater Guild, Club Gymnastics, UMass Mystery, UMass Lettuce Club, Intramural Co-Ed Flag Football

UMass Hidden Gem: The Durfee greenhouse is beautiful all year round. From the tropical plants to the koi fish, it’s such a serene place to study. 

Headshot of a UMass student

Briana '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Medford, Massachusetts

Major: Operations & Information Management and Psychology

Minor: Information Technology

Activities & Involvement: OIM Club, Women in Business, Intramural Volleyball

Favorite food location at UMass: Carney Cafe in the Isenberg Hub

UMass tour guide in grey t shirt smiling at camera with arms behind back

Chris '24 (he/him)

Hometown: Winthrop, Massachusetts

Major: Marketing and Journalism

Activities & Involvement: Social media manager Excel Ninja, writer for Amherst Wire, podcast host, Club Lacrosse

Favorite food at one of the dining commons: Hampshire Dining Commons honey-glazed salmon

Headshot of a UMass student in a coat and tie

Christian '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Charlton, Massachusetts

Major: Finance

Activities & Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi Fundraising Chair, Intramural Soccer

UMass Hidden Gem: The rooftop on the Design Building is one of the best spots on campus a lot of people don’t know about!

UMass tour guide standing in front of city buildings

Colin ‘24 (he/him)

Hometown: Grafton, Massachusetts

Major: Biology on the Pre-Physician Assistant Track

Minor: Spanish

Activities and Involvement: Research Assistant in the Downes Lab, Pre-Physician Assistant Club, Teaching Assistant for Honors Introductory Biology, Intramural Sports, BioTAP RAP, Commonwealth Honors College

UMass Hidden Gem: If you stand on the Morrill Science Center bridge as the sun is setting, you get a beautiful unobstructed view of the center of campus with a classic UMass sunset in the background. It makes for some great pictures!

UMass tour guide in a yellow shirt leaning against a tree

Daniela '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Bronx, New York

Major: Kinesiology on a Physical Therapy Track

Minor: Psychology

Certificate: Medical Humanities

Activities and Involvement: Kinesiology Club, Association of Women in STEM

UMass Hidden Gem: I think a UMass hidden gem is the rooftop courtyard in the John W. Olver Design Building! It is such a beautiful and peaceful place to study or even just spend some time with your friends!

Headshot of a UMass student

David '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Agawam, Massachusetts

Major: Biochemistry and Psychology

Activities & Involvement: Commonwealth Honors College, Club Swim Team, Ski and Board Club, Lifeguard with Campus Recreation

Why I chose UMass: UMass was the perfect combination of great academics, great food, low cost, and a vibrant community. There is truly an exciting, fun, and enthusiastic energy at UMass that the students and staff all create. I really enjoy the amount of events, activities, and resources that are offered to students on campus, and even in the surrounding area. There is always something to do, and new things to experience.

UMass student in a suit and tie in front of the US Capitol

Dilan '24 (he/him)

Hometown: Burlington, Massachusetts

Major: Economics and Political Science

Minor: Math and French

Activities & Involvement: Commonwealth Honors College, Student-Assistant Coordinator of Co-Curricular Events and Programs for the Honors College, Commonwealth Honors College Student Advisory Board, Undergraduate Research Assistant in the Department of Resource Economics, UMass Minuteman Marching Band, UMass Pep Band (Hoop and Ice Band), SBS in D.C.

UMass Hidden Gem: The marching band practice fields are where I spend most of my fall semesters, and I couldn’t love them any more. All semester long, you are guaranteed to witness the most stunning sunsets over the fields during every single rehearsal. Even when cold weather makes your instrument freeze to your lips, or rain makes the grass into a slip-and-slide, the stunning sunsets will always melt your woes and warm your soul. 

Smiling UMass tour guide

Divya '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Double Major: Microbiology and Human Pathophysiology (BDIC)

Minor: Psychology

Activities & Involvement: UMass South Asian Students Association, UMass Jazba Dance Team, UMass Pre-Medical Society, UMass Microbiology Club, Supplemental Instructor for BIO151 at UMass Learning Resource Center, Commonwealth Honors College

UMass Hidden Gem: The John Olver Design Building is gorgeous! It makes sense that architecture classes are held there, because the building itself is beautifully designed. There's a big common area with large "stair seats" that are perfect for studying, having dance practice, or just hanging out! It also houses the Post and Bean Café that serves up the best coffee. Most of all, there is a BEAUTIFUL scenic rooftop deck on top of the building that is only a few sets of stairs away!

UMass student standing in front of the sunset

Eli '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Alameda, California

Major: Sport Management and Marketing

Activities and Involvement: McCormack Student Leaders Club (MSL), RAP resident as a freshman, intramural sports

Why did you choose UMass?: I chose UMass for a wide range of reasons, but the biggest reason I chose it was to have the opportunity to be a part of the most prestigious and best Sport Management department in the country. After taking part in the summer program that the department puts on every year, I knew I wanted to be in the McCormack Department for my undergraduate years. Two tour guides who also are Sport Management majors were kind enough to talk to me before I officially made my college decision and their enthusiasm about the department, the tour guide job, and UMass as a whole solidified my choice to come to UMass.

Smiling UMass student backlit on a beach

Ella '26 (she/her)

Hometown: Arlington, Massachusetts

Major: Psychology and Community Education & Social Change

Activities & Involvement: Commonwealth Honors College, Habitat for Humanity, CHAARG, Outing Club, Intramural Sports

Why I chose UMass: I chose the University of Massachusetts Amherst, for the affordable tuition, their high ranking as a public university, the large student population, and access to a large university's resources. My acceptance to the Commonwealth Honors College is another reason that I chose UMass, with its tight-knit community and smaller class sizes. UMass has something for everyone, and I truly couldn’t be happier with my decision to come here. 

UMass tour guide smiling at the camera in a black sleeveless top, standing in front of trees

Emily '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Haverhill, Massachusetts

Majors: Community Education, Spanish

Why I chose UMass: I knew UMass was the school for me when I went on my older brother’s tour when I was only a freshman in high school. I just fell in love with the people, the campus, and the overall atmosphere. I started my first year of college during a global pandemic and I was still able to have an amazing first semester. UMass truly cares for their students and they still provided me with every opportunity during the strange time. Just another reason why UMass is the best!

Headshot of a smiling UMass student

Emma '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Berkley, Massachusetts

Major: Operations and Information Management

Minor: Information Technology

Activities & Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi, 180 Degrees Consulting

UMass Hidden Gem: The courtyard area in the Commonwealth Honors College residential area is a great place to enjoy a sunny spring day or watch a great sunset over the rec fields!

Headshot of a UMass student

Gavin '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Belford, New Jersey 

Major: Geography (GIST) and Sustainable Community Development

Activities & Involvement: Commonwealth Honors College Student Ambassador, International Scholars Program, New Student Orientation and Transitions Office, Student Alumni Association, Intramural Soccer and Volleyball, Jewish Student Union (JewMass)

Favorite UMass Tradition/Event: My favorite UMass Tradition is the Commencement Ball. Every May, senior students are able to attend this formal gala in the Mullins Center to celebrate the success of their undergraduate journey. It is like prom, but for college students! As a member of the Student Alumni Association, I was able to help plan and decorate for this highly anticipated event during my first year at UMass! It was extremely rewarding seeing the final product of my club’s hard work. 

Headshot of a UMass student

Hunter '26 (she/her)

Hometown: Holyoke, Massachusetts

Major: Operations & Information Management

Activities & Involvement: Commonwealth Honors College, Women in Business, Isenberg Global Citizens, American Hotel & Lodging Association

Favorite food at one of the dining commons: The pickle slices at the Hampshire Dining Commons sandwich station!

Smiling UMass student on a train

Ilana '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Watertown, Massachusetts

Major: Neuroscience & Environmental Health Sciences (BDIC)

Minor: Portuguese and Microbiology

Activities & Involvement: Club Swim, Permaculture Garden volunteer, Campus Rec employee, involvee in climate research on campus

Favorite food at one of the dining commons: My favorite food from the dining commons is the Japanese curry chicken tonkatsu, or as I refer to it, Japanese yummy yummy. Every Wednesday night I, and now many of my friends, look forward to eating this incredible dish. 

Isabella '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Scottsdale, Arizona

Major: Public Health and Spanish

Activities & Involvement: Greek Life, Public Health Club, study abroad (Salamanca, Spain), Student Nurses Association, intramural sports, teaching assistant 

Why I chose UMass: I am a firm believer that you can truly only live AND experience a college town once in your life, and that is when you are in college! The Amherst area is not only home to UMass Amherst but also four other colleges, bringing a lot of opportunities, perspectives, and fun!

UMass tour guide in a black jacket and white shirt with trees and sunset in the background

Jibrael '25 (he/him)

Hometown: North Bergen, New Jersey

Major: Sport Management

Activities and Involvement: Association of Diversity in Sport, McCormack Sport and Analytics, Laboratory for Inclusion and Diversity in Sport, mentee for the Boston Celtics for Corporate Partnerships

Why I chose UMass: I chose UMass because they wanted me for me, and they accepted what I did inside and outside of the classroom! I am really glad I ended up coming here!

UMass tour guide smiling in a blue jacket

Jonathan “JC” '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Major: Marketing, Pre-Law Track

Activities and Involvement: Vice President of Gorman/Wheeler House Council, Students for Justice in Palestine, Daily Collegian

Why I chose UMass: After feeling the dynamic energy and enthusiasm on campus when touring UMass, I was convinced that UMass was the right place for me. Whether it be academics, social life, or working on teams I've always felt so supported and at home here because everyone wants to see each other succeed. UMass checks all of the boxes and more because each and everything on campus puts a cherry on top of the sundae: whether it be #1 dining nationwide, a very involved and stimulated student body, or the various academic pathways, which I myself am taking advantage of on the pre-law track. UMass offers the ultimate experience and journey for students looking to make the most of college.

Headshot of a smiling UMass student

Kaitlyn '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Grafton, Massachusetts

Major: Nursing

Activities & Involvement: Chi Omega, Student Nurses’ Association, Hampshire Medical Reserve Corps, Ski & Board Club, UMass Dance Marathon

UMass Hidden Gem: My favorite spot on campus is the Durfee Conservatory! It is a gorgeous greenhouse with its own koi pond. In between classes, I like to stop by for some peace and quiet to get away from the hustle and bustle of UMass. 

Headshot of a UMass student in front of a black background

Kelly '26 (she/her)

Hometown: Natick, Massachusetts

Major: Managerial Economics 

Minor: Business

Activities & Involvement: UMass Ski and Board Club, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Intramural Soccer

UMass Hidden Gem: Argo tea next to Berkshire!

Headshot of a UMass student

Kelly '26 (she/her)

Hometown: North Reading, Massachusetts

Major: Psychology

Minor: Math

Activities & Involvement: UMass Ski and Board Club, UMass Outing Club, Intramural Flag Football

Favorite UMass Tradition/Event: My favorite UMass tradition has to be the opening game at the Mullins Center for the hockey season. There is so much school spirit and watching the game is a lot of fun!  

UMass tour guide in a maroon sweat shirt standing in front of the business school

Kyle '24 (he/him)

Hometown: Taunton, Massachusetts

Why I chose UMass: UMass was never really on my radar until I began researching good business schools around my junior year. I had always wanted to leave New England for college, but when I eventually came to visit some older friends of mine on the UMass campus, I just got a gut feeling that UMass was made for me. From the amazing campus, the even more amazing food, the social scene, the D1 athletics, and not to mention the great business program, UMass has everything I ever wanted in a college experience and more.

I am beyond excited to be in Amherst! I am currently an undecided business major in the Isenberg School of Management.  I was super involved in high school and cannot wait to explore all of what UMass has to offer. In my free time, I love listening to music (anything from rap to country even to some Portuguese music), hanging out with friends, and doing just about anything outdoors. 

UMass tour guide studying in a hammock, smiling at camera

Lizzie ‘25 (she/her)

Hometown: East Longmeadow, Massachusetts

Double Major: Linguistics and Communication Disorders

Activities and Involvement: Commonwealth Honors College, Period Movement, UMass Permaculture Initiative, Outing Club

UMass Hidden Gem?: Greeno Sub Shop! Located in the basement of Greenough Hall in Central Residential Area, Greeno Sub Shop makes the best grilled cheese sandwich at UMass. Along with Greeno, UMass has a number of completely student run businesses, all of which serve amazing food and are run by your peers (which makes it that much cooler). The menu and atmosphere of Greeno is just the best, and is 100% worth walking up the hill for.

UMass student posing in front of the campus pond

Mackenzie '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Worcester, Massachusetts

Major: Psychology

Minor: Education

Activities & Involvement: Chair of Outreach and Development in the Student Government Association

Favorite food location at UMass: People’s Market

Smiling UMass student leaning against a wooden fence

Maddie '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Rehoboth, Massachusetts

Major: Art Education Double Major

Minor: Art History 

Activities & Involvement: Art Club, Museum Club, Crochet Club, Ski Club, Outing Club, House Council

Favorite food location at UMass: My favorite food location at Umass is Sweets & More. I go there almost every week and I love supporting them since they are a student-run business. Sweets & More always has new and different themed foods based on holidays or what is happening on campus, and I always get excited to see what new desserts they have each month. My favorite things to get are the shamrock shake for St. Patrick's Day and the caramel apples for Halloween. 

Smiling UMass student in front of a blue sky

Mary '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Mattapoisett, Massachusetts

Major: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and Management

Activities & Involvement: Special Olympics club, Club Lacrosse, Commonwealth Honors College, Women in Business, Intramural everything 

Favorite food location at UMass: My favorite food location is the Greeno Sub shop, one of our student run co-ops on campus where you are guaranteed to get a delicious and creative sandwich served to you with a smile. They’re always coming up with new menu items and I love it.

Tour Guide Nai

Naicha '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Taunton, Massachusetts

Major: Psychology Neuroscience Track 

Activities and Involvement: STEM Ambassador Program

Favorite UMass event: UMass Blackout Cookout is a great way for different, diverse communities to come together and showcase cultural dances, songs, foods, etc. and celebrate heritage and each other’s uniqueness on a bigger scale. 

Headshot of a UMass student

Natalie '26 (she/her)

Hometown: Salem, Massachusetts

Major: Psychology, Criminology & Law

Activities & Involvement: Communities Against Cancer Club, Students to End Alzheimer’s Disease Club, Special Olympics (Young Athletes Program), Criminology Club, Neuroscience Club, Forsythe Grange Mentoring Program, SPACE Program

Favorite food at one of the dining commons: Cookies & cream frozen yogurt with Oreo topping!

Headshot of a UMass student in front of a gray background leaning toward the camera

Ria '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Elmsford, New York 

Major: Psychology and Economics 

Minor: Business 

Activities & Involvement: Economics club, Girl Up, American Red Cross Club, UMass South Asian Students Association, Resident Assistant 

Why I chose UMass: The main reason I chose UMass was because the campus is just so beautiful. Whenever I feel stressed about school, or just want some fresh air, I always go and sit by the pond. I also love visiting the Durfee Conservatory and watching the koi fish swim around. The atmosphere and environment at UMass is extremely refreshing and I’m so glad I chose to come here! 

RJ '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Major: Management

Activities & Involvement: Isenberg Marketing Club, Outing Club, Ski and Board Club, WMUA

Favorite food at one of the dining commons: Teriyaki chicken bowls from Hampshire!

Headshot of a UMass student outdoors

Sam '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Ipswich, Massachusetts

Major: Nursing

Activities & Involvement: Student Nursing Association (SNA), Student Nurse Ambassador, CHC, Intramural Volleyball

Favorite food at UMass: The chicken teriyaki sushi from Hampshire Dining Commons is my favorite! I don’t like seafood, and I like the chicken so much that I usually ask for some on the side too.

Scotty '25 (he/him)

Hometown: Boston, Massachusetts

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Activities & Involvement: American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Supermileage      Vehicle Team (SMV)

Favorite food at one of the dining commons: Waffles and hard ice cream at Franklin Dining Commons

Head shot of a UMass student with long brown hair standing in a field

Shyla '26 (she/her)

Hometown: Orange, Massachusetts

Major: Kinesiology on Pre-Physical Therapy Track

Activities & Involvement: Treasurer and Competitive Dancer - Ballroom Dance Team, Programming Board

UMass Hidden Gem: The courtyard between Linden and Maple House. Love studying outside when its nice out and it's usually super quiet

Headshot of a UMass student in a plaid shirt in front of a tree

Silas '26 (he/him)

Hometown: Topsfield, Massachusetts

Major: Political Science

Activities & Involvement: Cru, Club Tennis, 91.1 WMUA Amherst, Outings Club, and intramural soccer, flag football, basketball, and volleyball

UMass Hidden Gem: The Post & Bean Cafe in the Olver Design Building is one of my favorite places to study! It has tons of big windows, really great architecture, and faces west, so it’s a great place to see the sunset! Every time I’m there, I grab a latte and set up by the window to grind out my homework. Definitely check it out if you’re looking for a hidden study spot.

UMass tour guide headshot with greenery in the background

Sophia '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Lexington, Massachusetts 

Major: Computer Science, Psychology

Activities and Involvement: UMass Dance Club, UMass Ski and Board (Board Member), WMUA (91.1 FM), Women in Computer Science

UMass Hidden Gem: Harry Potter themed bathroom, but you have to find it for yourself!

Headshot of a UMass student

Sophie '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Marblehead, MA

Major: Political Science, Journalism

Minor: French

Activities & Involvement: Massachusetts Daily Collegian Staff Writer, WMUA 91.1 DJ, UMass Women into Leadership Fellow, Resident Assistant

Favorite food at one of the dining commons: Stir fry and cookies & cream frozen yogurt at Berkshire Dining Commons makes for the perfect meal!

Headshot of UMass tour guide dressed in red

Tamara '25 (she/her)

Hometown: Beirut, Lebanon 

Major: Exploratory Track in the College of Natural Sciences

Activities and Involvement: Arab Cultural Association; Center for Education, Policy, and Advocacy; research

UMass Hidden Gem: Morrill Science center has an amazing hidden crystal exhibit that I always visit after class.

Headshot of UMass student

Uma '26 (she/her)

Hometown: Caldwell, New Jersey

Major: Psychology and BDIC (neuroeconomics) 

Activities & Involvement: Student Alumni Association (part of Ambassador program!), Deans’  Student Advisory Council for the College of Natural Science, Women in Business, iCons

Favorite food at one of the dining commons: Mac ‘n’ cheese with buffalo tenders at Worcester Grab ‘n’ go every Monday! It’s nice to just get lunch after a class and sit in the booth and work till my next one! 

Headshot of a smiling UMass student

Vandana '24 (she/her)

Hometown: Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Major: Economics

Minor: Mathematics and Computer Science

Activities & Involvement: Women of Isenberg Conference, American Red Cross Club, Smart Woman Securities, Women in Business, UMass South Asian Students Association

Favorite food location at UMass: Tavola in Blue Wall is my favorite place to get food because there are so many options and as a vegetarian, I am the biggest fan of their Mediterranean Wrap with Falafel! 

Willa '26 (she/her)

Hometown: Annapolis, Maryland

Major: Communications and Journalism

Activities & Involvement: UMass Ski and Board Club, Dance Club, Yoga Club 

Favorite UMass Tradition/Event: Guac week