UMass Amherst Stories

UMass Amherst Stories

The Bachelor's Degree with Individual Concentration (BDIC) allows UMass students to carve a unique path through their college education by designing an individualized major all their own.

August 8, 2023
Aerial shot of students walking on paths on the UMass Amherst campus.

Learn more about a full-time, paid research and extension internship that trains students in technology-enhanced agricultural sciences to support and promote sustainable food production systems.

June 30, 2023

With hundreds of programs in 56 countries across six continents to choose from, each UMass Amherst student who embarks on a study abroad journey can have a truly unique experience.

June 28, 2023
A student poses in front of the London Bridge.

Hear firsthand from UMass students who recently returned from study abroad experiences about how their travels were transformative in their college careers.

June 27, 2023
Three students look at the Res Gestae Divi Augusti inscription in Rome.

Nearly 25 percent of UMass Amherst undergraduates are first-generation college students—trailblazers in their families. Their stories are ones of ambition and finding belonging at UMass.

June 16, 2023

Each spring, UMass Amherst theater students showcase experimental productions, original work, and innovative reinterpretations of familiar plays during Fringe Fest.

May 31, 2023
Students take a bow after a performance of "The Dolls of New Albion."

UMass Amherst's iCons program breaks down barriers and lays the foundation for creative and entrepreneurial careers in STEM. Prepared to be leaders and innovators after completing the program, UMass women have gone on to find success in sustainable energy fields. 

May 22, 2023
A woman in an orange vest stands with her back to the viewer looking at a field of windmills.

Learn more about UMass Amherst's Carbon Zero initiative—which aims to transform the campus, making it 100 percent reliant on renewable energy sources for heating, cooling, and electricity by the year 2032.

May 22, 2023
Carbon zero graphic

UMass Amherst's Public Interest Technology Initiative believes society deserves technology that serves the common good—and works to make sure we get it.

May 22, 2023
Illustration of a crowd of people overlaid with binary code.

Learn more from six student tour guides with diverse majors and interests as they offer a glimpse into a typical day in their lives at UMass Amherst.

May 19, 2023
Three students sit outside on the UMass Amherst campus.