Find your balance.

art student working in studio


Today’s students are increasingly pressured to major in “practical” fields of study in order to improve their chances of finding a job after graduation. What could be more practical than strong writing and communication skills, keen critical abilities, a facility for language, and the ability to connect ideas to see the big picture?

Students in the College of Humanities & Fine Arts at UMass Amherst develop useful and durable skills while pursuing their passions. Striking this unique balance allows today’s students of humanities and fine arts to become tomorrow’s artists, teachers, pioneers, inventors, and leaders.

Study what inspires you. That passion will inform your professional life.

With dozens of majors and minors—from Afro-American studies to women, gender, sexuality studies, and everything in between—the College of Humanities & Fine Arts is the creative and cultural heart of UMass Amherst.