With a major in Italian studies at UMass Amherst, students become proficient in the Italian language and develop a critical awareness of the literary and cultural traditions that are central to the humanities.

You can pursue a broad curriculum in general Italian studies or combine Italian studies with another major, such as business, political science, art history, or education. You’ll gain knowledge of Italian language and culture together with aspects of Italy’s visual and graphic art, cinema, architecture and design, economy, geography, history, institutions, politics, and thought.

Students are encouraged to attend the study abroad programs in Siena and Forlì directly affiliated with UMass Amherst or to teach as postgraduates in Milan through the Lombardia Internship program. Even on campus, you can experience a full-immersion Italian language experience in the Thatcher House residency program.

Our majors are well prepared for any field in which bilingualism is an asset, such as education, foreign service, international business, art administration, museums, restoration and conservation, publishing, interior design, fashion, and the food and hospitality industry.