Our German studies BA offers a broad range of courses on the German-speaking world, from the Middle Ages to the present. While building your German language proficiency, you will develop your ability to understand, articulate, and examine a complex spectrum of cultural, historical, and political issues in the German-speaking world through engagement with a wide variety of literary texts and media, including film, art, and music. To further strengthen their skills, we strongly encourage our students to spend a semester or year studying in Germany.

The major has very flexible requirements, allowing our students to choose another major or minor. Students in STEM fields can pursue a second major in STEM-German, and the linguistics program offers an interdisciplinary major in German and linguistics. At this time, we do not offer a Scandinavian studies concentration.

Our graduates have gone on to positions in teaching, diplomacy, finance and other business-related fields, computer science, public relations, publishing, translation and interpreting, journalism, international communications, museums, Radio and TV, and to pursue graduate study in the United States and abroad.