Chinese culture is among the oldest and most well documented in the world, and has produced exceptional literature and art, political and religious thought, historical writing, and philosophy. Today, Chinese is spoken by one-fourth of the world’s population, and China is a cultural and commercial center, with influence extending around the globe. It will play a crucial role in world events for the foreseeable future, and Chinese will be an essential tool for communicating with and understanding this large country and their international influence.

Our students immerse themselves in Chinese culture of the past, present, and future, through language instruction and course topics ranging from business to popular culture. Their studies are deepened through study abroad in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. At the end of their fourth year, undergraduates are able to comfortably communicate in Chinese in a socially appropriate manner. With our interdisciplinary and transhistorical curriculum, our students learn how to think and write critically, how to present and discuss China intelligibly to others, and how to apply what they have learned to their careers.