A major in philosophy isn’t just preparation for a career, it’s preparation for life. Philosophy instills self-understanding in students through analysis, questioning, reflection, and understanding.

At UMass, you’ll get broad exposure to all areas of philosophy, from ancient to contemporary. These include logic, value theory (ethics, social and political philosophy, and philosophical perspectives on gender), metaphysics (the study of what there is), epistemology (the study of knowledge), philosophy of mind, and philosophy of language.

Majors complete a minimum of 10 courses, including one course each in logic, value theory, history of philosophy: ancient and medieval, history of philosophy: seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, and two courses in metaphysics and epistemology. You can also choose the interdisciplinary major of linguistics and philosophy.

Our students graduate with essential skills: the ability to solve problems, to communicate, to organize ideas and issues, to assess pros and cons, and to boil down complex data. They go on to careers in business, finance, government, law, criminal justice, public relations, computer science, medicine, publishing, and teaching.