The major in Judaic studies offers a wide range of courses that explore the history and cultures of the Jewish people from antiquity to the present. These include introductory and upper-level course offerings in Hebrew language, Yiddish, Jewish history, Israel studies, philosophy, law, politics, and film. 

As a major, your required courses will include JUDAIC 101 (The Jewish Experience I: Ancient to Medieval), JUDAIC 102 (The Jewish Experience II: Medieval to Modern), and two years of the Hebrew language, as well as six upper-division Judaic studies courses. We also encourage you to spend one or two semesters of study at a recognized Israeli university to perfect your language skills and immerse yourself in Israeli life and culture.

Many of our majors have plans for a career that is directly related to Judaic studies, such as Jewish education, Jewish communal service, social work, the rabbinate, or an advanced graduate degree in preparation for an academic career. Some go on to graduate study in other fields such as law, business, medicine, or a career in the arts and communication.