UMass takes a broad-based liberal arts approach to theater. We produce high-caliber, professional, artistic creations on stage, telling human stories that connect audiences and performers. We model and practice professional theater-making at every level of our teaching and production process.

Our faculty marry the theoretical with the practical, guiding students to discover theatrical skills as well as life skills that serve them in the world of theater and beyond. Their expertise often leads to artistic projects and opportunities for our students, where they can practice their budding professional skills and make artistic creations in official and less official spaces.

The spirit of mentorship permeates our department, and we tailor our teaching and advising to the specific needs and strengths of our students. We build teams in everything we do, teaching students the art of collaboration, working in groups, and tackling projects from start to finish.

Whether you are pursuing a career on the stage, in film, or just want to explore the world of theater, our programs build the communication, collaboration, and creative thinking skills necessary for a full and successful life.