Classics majors undertake a thorough study of ancient Greece and Rome, as well as their multifaceted and long-lasting influence on cultures across the world, including our own. UMass offers four concentrations within the major. Greek and Latin languages is for students who want to study the remarkably rich and varied literature of the ancient Greeks and Romans in the original languages. In classical civilization, students examine ancient Greek and Roman culture, including art and archaeology, mythology and religion, ancient history, literature, and language. Classical archeology students focus on the material culture of the ancient Mediterranean. Lastly, the classics and philosophy concentration is ideal for students wishing to study the ancient Greek and/or Latin philosophers in their original languages.

The classics program has an excellent student-faculty ratio and particularly strong advising, allowing more personal attention for each student. We also have a strong honors program, with our majors regularly producing outstanding senior honors theses and projects, and we offer many opportunities for study and excavation abroad in Greece, Italy, and other countries.