Russian, Eurasian, and Polish studies majors develop thorough knowledge of the region’s culture and history, which lends itself to careers in diplomacy, government service, international development, business, policy research, or translation.

The major consists of 14 courses taken at UMass and through the Five Colleges. If you plan to study Russian, you can start at any stage, whether you’re a beginner, have some skills, or grew up speaking it. You may also substitute equivalent work in another Slavic, East European or Central Asian language. Beyond language study, you’ll take six courses in at least three disciplines chosen from anthropology, comparative literature, economics, English, history, Judaic studies, political science, sociology, or Russian.

Studying Russian language, history, and culture at UMass, you’ll learn to comprehend contemporary Russian—written and spoken—to a degree permitting the understanding of texts and ideas relevant to disciplines beyond language study; engage in research in the field using primary and secondary sources; and generate original ideas and insights using your knowledge of language and your critical skills.