Comparative literature is the study of all modes of human expression: oral, written, and visual. Our students become knowledgeable about multiple cultures and disciplines, and study topics like gender and sexuality, literary history, colonialism, human rights, global censorship, postcolonial and diaspora studies, literary theory, film, and translation. Students build facility with multiple languages as well as skills in critical thinking, viewing, writing, research, and oral presentation.

As a comp lit major, you’ll choose one of three tracks: general languages and literature; advanced language and literature with work in a third language; or literature and a related discipline (such as sociology, history, music, or film). Each track emphasizes the analysis and comparison of works from several national literary traditions (one of which may be English), and the study of these works in their original language. Courses in film and translation/interpretation can be included in any of the tracks, and you may also choose a translation concentration or a film concentration as a variant of option three. The program also offers a translation and interpreting studies certificate.