We study history—finding, evaluating, and interpreting recorded evidence—in order to understand the past and explain the present.

The UMass history program is dedicated to cultivating students’ skills in historical methodologies and analytical writing, as well as their critical thinking abilities. We’re a program with diverse specialties, and we pride ourselves on our long-standing commitment to transatlantic and global history, gender and labor studies, public history, and American history.

Our unusual resources include the public history program and community engagement programs, which bring historical scholarship to teachers and the wider public, and the innovative Five College Graduate Program in History, which broadens our students’ research opportunities.

An undergraduate degree in history can open doors to a variety of careers, including law, journalism, diplomacy, and work in the nonprofit sector. History majors may also pursue secondary education certification in conjunction with the major. At the graduate level, students deepen their expertise in such historical areas as women’s history or Latin American history through comprehensive research.