The master of design is an advanced degree in architecture and design, developed for mid-career professionals seeking further study of a particular area of technical or scholarly interest, or new graduate students who do not seek a professional architecture degree but, rather, advanced interdisciplinary study in architecture and related fields.

The interdisciplinary program introduces students to knowledge in a specialized area as well as to modes of research/practice in architecture, design, and related disciplines. It also provides mid-career professionals, as well as graduates with degrees in fields related to architecture (such as history or engineering) the opportunity to pursue advanced architectural design and scholarship.

The degree is a 36-credit (minimum) intensive course of study that students develop in consultation with the graduate program director for master of design students and faculty in the student’s area of interest. It requires each student to develop a research focus that draws from disciplines and departments across the university and the Five Colleges. The program, designed as a terminal degree, should take a full-time student four semesters.