The Afro-American studies major is ideal for students who want to develop a deep understanding of the history and culture of Black people in Africa and the Americas. You’ll gain skills in project development, research and analysis, interpersonal and cross-cultural communication, critical thinking, and writing, preparing you to meet the complex challenges that face our communities, country, and the world.

You’ll begin with introductory courses in the concepts, skills, and tools of modern scholarship, and the history, literature, and culture of Black people, from ancient African origins to contemporary life. You’ll then take courses that concentrate on your areas of interest, such as history, social science, literature, or the arts. All students complete a senior project under the supervision of a faculty member.

Graduates have gone on to graduate school in fields such as African and Afro-American studies, education, history, political science, public health, industrial relations, urban planning, law, and literature. They have also pursued careers in areas like teaching, journalism, communications, criminal justice, and community organizing.