The theater curriculum is grounded in the belief that the performing arts draw on a unique combination of intellectual and artistic skills and talents, which are most fully developed when theory and practice are integrated into the learning experience.

Although majors may focus on a specific area, such as performance, design and production, directing, or dramaturgy, the major gives students experience in all areas of theater. In addition to coursework, students participate in productions as actors, designers, stage managers, directors, and dramaturgs, in both program and independent productions.

Students may also pursue the multicultural theater certificate, which explores the history, representation, and creative processes of people of color, and the cultural context of multicultural theater in this country.

Theater majors graduate with skills that make them attractive to employers in theater, arts administration, and a wide variety of other fields, including law, education, and industry. It is also a superb preparation for graduate work in the field. Alumni include Broadway performers and designers, artistic directors of theater companies, playwrights, and scholars.