The Cornerstone Initiative is a curriculum reform initiative designed to revitalize the role of humanities in general education.

What is Cornerstone? 

The Cornerstone Initiative reimagines the role of the humanities in general education at UMass Amherst. Our mission is to provide students with a solid academic foundation to recognize and value the connections between humanities studies and their personal and professional goals. 

Explore Our Curriculum

Through two Gateway Courses with Gen Ed Diversity designations—”Traversing Differences: Local Questions” and “Traversing Differences: Global Issues”—our aim is to create a community of learning and teaching grounded in transformative texts and interactive classrooms. 

For Students

Dive into the Cornerstone experience. Get involved in Cornerstone and learn about the resources available to support your academic journey. 

For Faculty

Join us in shaping the Cornerstone Initiative. Explore opportunities to contribute to Cornerstone and make a lasting impact on our students. 

Stay Connected with Cornerstone Events

Connect with the Cornerstone community in workshops and community events that extend learning beyond the classroom.