Through our Judaic studies program, students cultivate a deep appreciation of the central role Jewish culture has played and continues to play in the development of human civilization. The program works side by side with the Middle Eastern studies program, in an atmosphere of shared resources, intellectual traditions, and research methodologies.

In our interdisciplinary program, students are exposed to a variety of perspectives on issues of enduring importance and global concern. Our areas of expertise include Hebrew language, the cultural experiences of Sephardic Jews, Jewish philosophy, Israeli film, the history of science in the Middle East, and the Holocaust in global perspective.

Students may choose from a wide selection of introductory and advanced courses in Jewish history, culture, and thought, a full program in Hebrew language and literature, and Yiddish language. They are also encouraged to embark on study abroad opportunities at several universities in Israel.

A degree in Judaic studies is a strong platform for any career that benefits from historical and cultural understanding, critical analysis, effective argumentation, thorough research, and effective writing.