Architecture is the art of designing the spaces where we live, work, and play. But architects do not only design buildings, they also coordinate the planning and construction process with community representatives, historians, interior and landscape designers, and engineers.

At UMass, we offer an intellectually rigorous education in architecture and design as well as the ecological and political context of the built environment.

Our interdisciplinary program embraces socially progressive, environmentally responsive, and sustainable design. We collaborate with landscape architecture, building and construction technology, civil engineering, studio art, art history, and other disciplines to ensure you develop a firm grounding in architecture, but also in how it impacts our communities and physical environments.

Architecture at UMass emphasizes our public mission of serving the Commonwealth by supporting community design initiatives, and training students to engage with issues of local design, planning, and environmentally and economically sustainable communities. In virtually every class, our students are exposed to ideas and projects that benefit local and regional communities.