The master of arts in teaching Latin and classical humanities is the equivalent of an MA in classics supplemented with education courses. The program leads to a middle and high school teaching certificate in Latin and classical humanities valid in 30 states. There is a shortage of Latin teachers at the secondary level and the UMass MAT is excellent preparation for the job market.

The program focuses on educational theory and practice, Latin language and literature, methodology, and the development of curricula in Latin and classical humanities. At its core is a series of seminars on the latest teaching trends and methodologies, which give students hands-on experience in teaching, research, and developing teaching materials.

Students teach Latin at UMass and at cooperating schools in the region, where they are exposed to the full range of materials and methods for teaching Latin and classical humanities in secondary schools. They also serve as TAs in undergraduate classics courses. 

To enter the program, you should have a BA in Latin or classics. We also strongly recommend an undergraduate minor in a second teaching area. Spanish/Latin combinations are in especially high demand.