The flexible, interdisciplinary master of arts program in French and Francophone studies provides a rigorous educational experience for students intending to pursue a PhD program, as well as those interested in careers in which expertise in French is directly relevant or a valuable complement. The program offers financial aid in the form of teaching assistantships that cover the full four semesters of the program.

Our MA option is for students who want to gain a more thorough knowledge of the broad French intellectual tradition, including French language and linguistics, French and Francophone literatures and cultures, and literary and cultural theory.

We also offer a master of arts portfolio option, which allows you to construct a flexible course of study. It is especially appropriate if you want to design a program that combines French with other disciplines, or if you want to undertake advanced research in preparation for a PhD program. It is also ideal for those who have an unusual background in French, such as extensive residence in a French-speaking country, who would like to pair this experience with the intellectual discipline of graduate study.