Students in Middle Eastern studies explore the history and influence of the Middle East and North Africa, cultivating an appreciation of the impact the Middle East has had on human society throughout the ages.

Our interdisciplinary program draws from multiple academic departments at UMass and within the Five Colleges. Areas of expertise include Arabic, early Islamic history, the Ottoman Empire, the history of science in the Middle East, and contemporary Arab legal and political thought. The program also works in conjunction with Judaic studies, sharing resources, intellectual traditions, and research methodologies.

In our program, you’ll develop a strong foundation in Middle Eastern cultures and histories as well as knowledge of contemporary language, society, politics, literature, and film. You’ll also be able take advantage of study abroad opportunities in Jordan, Morocco, Oman, the United Arab Emirates, or Lebanon.

With its broad emphasis on language, culture, and history and its focus on writing, analysis, and research, Middle Eastern studies is an excellent liberal arts degree for students seeking careers in academia, education, community work, and the arts.