The UMass architecture graduate program prepares students for an evolving and complex profession, paying particular attention to the needs of the regional and global society.

Students who enter the program with a pre-professional degree earn 57 credits, which typically takes two years. Those who enter with a degree that is not pre-professional earn up to 87 credits, which typically takes three years.

Our curriculum is interdisciplinary, drawing from architecture, studio art, art history, public history, landscape architecture and regional planning, building construction and wood technology, environmental engineering, environmental sciences, computer science, and management.

Your coursework will consist of core requirements, areas of knowledge exploration, and a culminating master’s thesis. Through courses in design, history, technology, planning, and practice, along with courses in technical systems, materials and construction, and structures, you will prepare to meet requirements for practice. Additionally, in the studio sequence, you will develop your creative problem solving skills and proficiency through repeated exercises that continually increase in complexity and scale.