The program in Russian, Eurasian, and Polish studies offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of this region. Its impact on the United States and the rest of the world makes it crucial that we remain informed about all aspects of life in the region and that we are able to communicate with its inhabitants in their languages.

REPS offers Russian and Polish language instruction, with an emphasis on their importance to international relations, business, and development. It also provides access to one of the world’s major literary traditions and to vast amounts of professional literature in all fields. Polish is a key to the cultural riches of a country that is part of the heritage of many Americans and which plays a very important role in world events.

The program is guided by a group of core faculty representing anthropology, history, legal studies, political science, and programs in languages, literatures, and cultures. We enrich our community and our educational offerings with events like weekly Russian teas, film screenings, trips to concerts and plays in New York City and Boston, roundtables, talks and lectures, game nights, and other social events.