Historically an open gateway to cultural and sociopolitical influence from the Mediterranean as well as its continental neighbors, Italy also stands at the crossroads of time—past, present, and future—as a vibrant example of transformation and evolution.

The multidisciplinary perspective of the Italian program at UMass Amherst allows our students to understand how Italy’s history and modernity are crucial to the broadening of cultural horizons of future leaders. Paired with any major, the Italian studies minor can enrich careers in the arts, foreign service, food and hospitality, and business, among other fields.

The minor requires 21 credits above the 100 level, including language courses, grammar and composition, Italian literary studies, and three electives in the program. We also encourage our minors to enroll in the Italian language residential program at Thatcher House and to participate in our study abroad programs in Siena, Forlì, and Rome.