UMass Amherst campus at night
Student Voices

New to UMass: My Transfer Experience

My name is Avani, and I am a sophomore transfer student as well as a marketing major here at the University of Massachusetts Amherst! Transferring colleges can be intimidating. However, it can also be an incredible opportunity for personal and professional growth. 

Transferring schools means picking up everything and moving to a new place where you do not know anyone and are on your own. Sometimes, this experience can be what you need to discover, learn, and understand yourself. It was one that got me to consider new options and put me in the place I am today, which I could not be more grateful for. 

Life at UMass will be different for every transfer student, but here are some of my observations of this journey. 

Navigating the UMass Campus

Coming to UMass, I was very worried about finding my way around campus. I knew where the library was located, and nothing else. Within two days, I had explored most of campus though, and also found shortcut routes to my classes. My roommate and I went on a walk to find our classes a few days before they started, which really helped learn the campus. In addition, students are very friendly and are very willing to help with directions. I believe that finding classes and my way around campus was something that naturally came with time and was nothing to worry about. 

Living at UMass 

Living on campus is a very good way for transfers to meet other students. Your roommate or suitemates are immediate connections. I am currently living in the Orchard Hill dorms in a quad. With the quad I met three other students who are all transfers as well. It is incredibly nice to have each other to lean on for support, as we are all adjusting to a new environment. 

Meeting People and Making Friends 

The first people I met on campus were my roommates. I had also met other transfer students through the New Student Orientation in summer. I was able to reconnect with them when we all got to campus. I have also made an effort to meet other students within my classes and clubs. However, it has only been one month since I started the year, and I hope to continue to branch out and meet other students on campus.

Getting Involved at UMass

The campus is so large, with such a vast range of clubs, organizations, events and other opportunities. There is a place for every student to get involved; it is just up to the students to be active and participate. This year I am hoping to get involved with Women in Business and the Isenberg Marketing Club. In addition, I hope to attend campus-wide events hosted by the South Asian Student Association and other cultural organizations. 

Adjusting to Life as a Transfer Student

In general, adjusting to a new environment will always be difficult. However, with transferring to UMass Amherst my experience has been a very positive one. After one month on campus I feel like I have lived here all year. I do not feel like a transfer student walking around campus, but just another student pursuing their education. It was intimidating at first, but an adjustment I am glad I was able to make.