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Undergraduate Admissions

Appeals Policy

First-Year Admission

UMass Amherst receives more than 40,000 undergraduate applications for a limited number of spaces. Each application is reviewed carefully and is given maximum consideration. Admission to UMass Amherst is competitive. UMass Amherst does not reserve space in the incoming class for appealed admission decisions. All admissions decisions are final. Newly acquired awards or an increase in activities will not be considered for a decision reversal. 

Transfer Admission

As the flagship campus for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, UMass Amherst is selective in its admission of transfer students. Students in their first year of college coursework are reviewed on the basis of high school academic performance and SAT/ACT scores, as well as any college grades completed. Students in their second year of college coursework are reviewed on the basis of their college grades and preparation for their chosen major. We expect students to meet our admission standards both in their overall performance and in their most recent term. Students may appeal their admission decision through submission of additional academic information which was not present at the time of the initial admission decision. Personal references and other nonacademic materials will not be considered in the appeal process, as the admission decision is primarily an academic decision. Written appeals should be submitted to Undergraduate Admissions, 37 Mather Drive, Amherst, MA 01003. Appeals are considered on a space-available basis in our entering transfer class.

University Admissions Committee

Students with disciplinary and/or criminal histories may be reviewed by the University Admissions Committee. This multi-office committee will review all written materials submitted in support of an application and render an admission decision. All decisions by the University Admissions Committee are final and may not be appealed.

Last Updated: January 15, 2020