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Undergraduate Admissions

MassTransfer Admissions Requirements

If you will complete an approved MassTransfer associate degree program before UMass Amherst enrollment with a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA, and you are in good academic, financial, and disciplinary status at all previously attended colleges, you are guaranteed admission to UMass Amherst through MassTransfer. Students who are not in good academic, financial, and/or disciplinary status at all previously attended colleges and/or who have a criminal history may not be guaranteed MassTransfer benefits.

Note: Some majors are selective and require a higher GPA and/or pre-requisite courses. 

Commonwealth Honors College

There is no separate application process for the Commonwealth Honors College (CHC). MassTransfer students are considered for CHC as part of the application review.

We use a holistic review process to carefully consider applicants in an individualized context. No specific GPA by itself ensures an invitation to CHC. If you are completing a Commonwealth Honors Program as part of your associate degree, you may be eligible to join CHC. Verification of participation in a CHP and final grades may be required.