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From Great Barrington to UMass to Barcelona

UMass student in a suit and tie clapping

Many people envision themselves at completely different places than where they end up, but that does not mean they did not end up in the right place. Take Henry Eustis, a junior studying at UMass Amherst. As a talented and passionate athlete, Henry planned on playing Division 3 lacrosse at Vassar College, a liberal arts school in New York. However, his plans had to change because Vassar could not accommodate his financial needs. So he ended up choosing the University of Massachusetts Amherst, a school many times larger than Vassar.

Henry felt that his initial transition into UMass was quite easy. He is from nearby Great Barrington, and enjoyed the fact that “if I missed my dog or anything I could go back.” Additionally, he was able to make close friends very quickly due to the friendly culture of the university. He reflected fondly on the fact that he “met two of my best buddies the first day.” He was also able to immerse himself into the campus community by joining clubs such as lacrosse, golf, and songwriting.

After his first semester, Henry was able to transfer to the prestigious Isenberg School of Management as a Hospitality and Tourism Management major. He was drawn to hospitality due to his background working for his family’s restaurant, along with a desire to learn management skills. He was rewarded with enriching and enjoyable experiences that helped him develop his skills and knowledge. He was particularly fond of his Customer Experience Management class with Professor Melissa Baker, where he learned the value of customer service and providing guests with an unforgettable experience. 

Currently, Henry is studying abroad in Barcelona, where he is still able to make progress in his degree while also taking a Spanish course. He chose this destination because he had never been before and wanted a new and exciting experience. He was also able to go with many of his closest friends, so he could be more comfortable traveling to exciting places all over Spain and Europe. So even though Henry’s college experience did not go as planned, he ended up with an amazing journey on two continents.