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Cost to Attend

2023-2024 Estimated Tuition and Fees

The cost of a UMass Amherst education includes tuition and required fees, and if you live on campus, you will have a room and board charge on your bill.

Rates are established in the spring for the following academic year. The Bursar's website has an explanation of all the required fees.

  Tuition & Fees Average Living Expenses Total
In-State $17,364 $15,756 $33,120
Out-of-State $39,300 $15,756 $55,056
International $39,722 $15,756 $57,958 (includes $2,480 health insurance fee)


Certain international students may qualify for in-state tuition, depending on their visa type.  Examples include:

  • dependent students on H-4 visas, whose parents have been residing and working in Massachusetts for a year or more;
  • students who have received Deferred Status through the Obama initiative. 

International students on student visas will not qualify for in-state tuition. International students will be considered out-of-state for tuition residency purposes; they must contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office and provide appropriate visa documentation in order to initiate a residency reclassification review. 

For more detailed information about tuition residency, contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office at 413-545-0222 or visit our Residency Policy.