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Financial Aid

Winter Aid

Students may be eligible for certain types of financial aid for winter courses taken toward their degree program. For purposes of billing and registration, winter operates as its own term. For purposes of financial aid calculations, winter credits will be combined with fall credits to determine student eligibility. Fall and winter enrollment must be for courses applied toward degree completion in order to be considered in the financial aid calculation.

Below are the types of aid that students may be considered for, as well as circumstances that would potentially create eligibility. For aid sources other than private lenders, a valid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be on file with the University. Students who enroll in winter courses and wish to be considered for additional aid will have their cost of attendance increased for winter course costs and potentially housing, as well as other education-related costs.

Only students who are Pell eligible and were enrolled less than full time in the fall semester may be considered for additional Pell for winter course enrollment. Your eligibility will be determined by Financial Aid Services and, if eligible, additional Pell Grant will be applied to your award after the winter term add/drop period.

Students will not typically be eligible for additional Federal Direct Subsidized and Unsubsidized Loans for winter term. Circumstances in which a student may be eligible for these loans for winter enrollment include those who did not borrow any loans during fall, or did not borrow the full amount for which they were eligible in Federal Direct Subsidized Loans. Students who are graduating after the winter term and had their fall loans prorated, or students who were taking less than 6 credits in the fall, but are in 6 or more credits in combined fall and winter terms may also be eligible.

Annual loan limits and lifetime aggregate limits apply when determining students’ loan eligibility for winter term. Students who have never borrowed a Federal Direct Loan will need to complete Entrance Counseling and the Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note at Students may decline the loans on SPIRE, or may contact Financial Aid to request a loan cancellation or reduction.

Parents of dependent undergraduate students whose combined fall and winter courses are equal to or greater than 6 credits can apply for a Federal Direct Parent PLUS Loan. The loan requires creditworthy borrowers, and the maximum amount a parent can receive is the total combined fall and winter cost of attendance less any financial aid awarded to the student for both terms. Parents can find a Parent PLUS Loan Application on our website at Financial Aid Forms.

There are several alternative loan sources that can be applied to winter course registration costs. Before considering private loan options, you should apply for federal financial aid (including federal student loans) whenever possible. Students considering educational private loans should apply only after they have completed a FAFSA and received notification from Financial Aid Services. Go to for more information. Students taking less than 6 credits between fall and winter, or students in non-degree programs may only qualify for certain alternative loans, and will not qualify for federal aid options. Below are links to alternative educational loans list. 

Private Loan Options Available

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