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Financial Aid

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On-Campus Employers

Students working on campus may be paid using departmental funds or, in some cases, a combination of departmental and Federal Work-Study funds. Please note in some cases, a student may become ineligible for Federal Work-Study after they have been hired.  In these cases, departments will be charged retroactively for all hours submitted. 

The majority of undergraduate students can be hired using the Rapid Student Hire process.  When the hourly pay rate for any student hire is greater than $17.00 per hour, a completed Personnel Action Form and job description must be forwarded to the Student Employment Office for approval. Please see the Human Resources for information about on-campus student hiring procedures and forms.

During periods of enrollment, it is recommended that students work no more than 20 hours per week.

For students employed on campus using work-study, and an encumbrance change is necessary to release work-study funds, please complete the Encumbrance Adjustment Request to release work-study from your department.

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If you are not posting a Federal Work-Study position, go directly to the post a job form to advertise a student part-time or seasonal position.  If you are an employer located in Massachusetts as a nonprofit community service organization with an active 501(c)3, you may hire students using Federal Work-Study funds.  See the Community Service link for more information and guidelines.

The following types of positions will not be posted by Student Employment:

  • Volunteer positions
  • Full-time positions (non-seasonally)
  • Positions that consist of payment for participation as a research subject
  • Positions that require an initial investment by the student or are paid by commission only

Student Employment reserves the right to refuse any job advertisement that may be inappropriate for part-time and seasonal student positions.