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UHS helps you stay healthy and cares for you if you’re not. Check out what we offer, how to use UHS and get some helpful tips and timesavers. Learn more about health with these recommended links.

Stay healthy, UMass

Drawing of a person covering a coughFlu season is peaking throughout the country. On campus, we've seen students with a variety of illnesses, including the flu, stomach bugs, mumps and the common cold. Prevention is your best defense! Check out the CDC's flu-fighting suggestions and mumps fact sheet; our Public Health page also has useful information.

Peer Health Education logoApply now for Peer Health Education internships

Be creative, have fun and make a difference! PHE internships are one-year, six-credit opportunities open to UMass Amherst undergrads from all majors. Learn more...

Tobacco-free UMass logoTobacco-free info, help

UMass Amherst is proudly tobacco-free! Whether you're ready to quit, aren't sure what to do, or just want help getting through the day without tobacco, UHS' tobacco treatment program can help!