Housing Costs

Undergraduate Room Rates | Mount Ida Campus Room Rates | Additional Fees

Room Rates for 2020-2021

Room rates are set by the Board of Trustees. These fees fund the operation and maintenance of the residence halls. All housing fees will appear on the university bill that is sent to students by the Bursar's Office.  The Residential Technology fee is included as part of the Base Room Fee and does not appear as a separate fee. These fees have been combined to simplify the Bursar bill.

Housing fees do not include a meal plan. All residents are required to have an on-campus meal plan with the exception of Apartment residents. For more information regarding the meal plan options for required students, please visit the University Dining Services website or call 413-545-1362 for information on choosing a meal plan.

Please note the following per semester rates for each room type across campus. Students looking for 2021-2022 room rates should refer to the Fall Room Selection page

Undergraduate Room Rates for fall 2020-spring 2021
Standard Shared Room - $3,731.00
Standard Single Room - $3,731.00

Single Room in North Apartments - $6,720.50
Sylvan Shared - $3,405.00
Sylvan Single - $3,405.00

​CHCRC First-Year Shared - $4,057.00
​CHCRC First-Year Single - $4,057.00
​CHCRC Apartment Shared - $5,088.50
​CHCRC Apartment Single - $5,088.50
​CHCRC Suite Shared - $4,448.50
​CHCRC Suite Single - $4,448.50

Mount Ida Campus Room Rates
Mount Ida Single Room - $3,731.00
Mount Ida Shared Room - $3,731.00

Residential Technology Fee

This mandatory fee is used to provide telecommunication services and networking services in your residence hall. This fee is included in the Base Room Fee. There is not a separate fee.

Break Housing Fee

There is an additional $300.00 fee per semester for all residents in Brett, Johnson, Prince and Cashin halls which is included in the Break Housing Room Rate. All students residing in Brett, Prince or Cashin will be billed the fee and may remain in their residence hall room during Thanksgiving, Wintersession and Spring Breaks. This fee will not be applied for spring 2021.