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Financial Aid

Frequently Asked Questions

Non-degree seeking students are generally not eligible for financial aid. You can apply for an alternative loan. There are certain conditions that may allow you to become eligible for Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan.

Go to Non-Degree Eligibility  to see if you might qualify.

The priority deadline to file the FAFSA is May 1.  You must submit a FAFSA every year to be considered for financial aid.

Federal regulations require Financial Aid Services to apply a formula established by the U.S. Department of Education to determine the amount of federal financial aid a student has earned as of the date in the student last attended classes.

The amount of federal financial aid returned to federal aid programs is determined by the amount of time the student spent in academic attendance, but has no relationship to the institutional charges incurred by the student.

After 60% of the semester has passed, the student has earned 100% of the federal financial aid awarded to them. For students receiving state financial aid, a state refund calculation will be completed. The state refund calculation takes into consideration the amount the student owes and the amount of federal aid for which the student may remain eligible.