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Financial Aid

UWW Costs

University Costs

UMass Amherst tuition, fees, room and board rates are established each spring for the following academic year.

Cost of Attendance and Financial Aid

We add all the expenses listed below to create what is referred as your "Estimated Cost of Attendance", to determine your eligibility and need for financial aid.

There may be additional charges not reflected below that appear on your university bill. These additional fees may be based on the student's career, level and program which are not included.

University Without Walls Costs

Class fees for UWW and University + are charged per credit. Costs per credit varies based on the course and program. Exact cost per credit and course fees can be found in the Restrictions & Notes section of the class search option in SPIRE. Additional one-time fees may apply based on program, Entering Fee, Independent Study, Practicum, Capstone and more. A minimum of six credit enrollment in a degree seeking program is required for most financial aid programs. 

The following costs are based on half time enrollment.

2024-2025 Estimated Cost of Attendance

This page provides estimates only. Costs are not final until approved by the UMass Board of Trustees. This page will be updated once all costs have been finalized.


 UWW UndergraduateUWW Graduate

(16 credits/term)

Accelerated Nursing Post Baccalaureate

1 Registration Fee170170170
2 Class Fees6,6007,87222,240
Estimated Direct Costs6,7708,04222,410
3 Average Housing9,0629,0629,062
Average Federal Loan Fees4016040
Estimated Indirect Costs18,750 18,87019,800 
Estimated Term Cost of Attendance25,520 26,91242,210 
Estimated per credit class fee:550656695


 1UWW Registration fee is charged once per semester. Registration Fee does not fluctuate based on credits. Additional fees may apply for first term enrollment, lab fees, advising fee, portfolio and prior learning fees.

2UWW Class fees vary by class and program. Cost per class is published in SPIRE Class Search. This estimate is used for establishing a standard cost of attendance for financial aid purposes. Cost of Attendance for financial aid recipients will be adjusted to actual charges and aid adjusted after add/drop each term.

3Students seeking additional loan and have living expenses in excess of published estimates should submit a Cost of Attendance Appeal with Financial Aid Services.