Tuition Waiver for Benefited University Faculty and Staff

Benefited University of Massachusetts Amherst faculty, staff and PostDoctoral employees are eligible for a discount on tuition for courses taken at Massachusetts public institutions of higher education as described in the Trustee tuition discount policy and summarized below.

Tuition Waiver/Remission requests must be submitted for each semester in which classes are taken (no more than 120 days prior to the start of the semester and before the end of add/drop for that semester). Please request the tuition discount using the online Tuition Waiver/Remission Form.

The UMass Amherst Bursar's Office website provides the value of tuition discounts for classes taken at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Tuition Waiver Benefit

As described below, the University offers tuition discounts at the UMass campuses in the form of Student Tuition Credits to University Employees and retirees, and the Spouses and Dependent Children of University Employees, retirees, and certain deceased University Employees. These standards are defined in the Trustee tuition discount policy (refer also to M.G.L. c.150E, § 7(d).) Where a discrepancy exists between the information on this webpage and the policy, the policy shall prevail.

STUDENT TUITION CREDITS (Continuing Education Courses not included*)

Employment Relationship &
Type of Courses Taken

Percentage of
Tuition Waived

Current/Active University Employees (1)

         Undergraduate Courses or Programs       100%
         Graduate Courses or Programs       100%

Retired University Employees (2)


Spouses and Dependent Children of Current/Active
    University Employees

         Undergraduate Courses or Programs
            -Benefited University Employee with fewer than 2
                  Full-time Equivalent Years of Service
            -Benefited University Employee with 2 or more
                  Full-time Equivalent Years of Service
         Graduate Courses or Programs

Spouses and Dependent Children of Retired
    University Employees (3)


Spouses and Dependent Children of Deceased
    University Employees (4)


 *For continuing education classes taken at UMass, tuition credit is offered at 50% to eligible employees.

(1) Part-time University Employees are eligible for up to seven (7) credits per semester.

(2) One (1) program of study.

(3) Completion of one (1) undergraduate program of study if dependent is enrolled at time of retirement.

(4) With at least five (5) years of FTE University Service; one (1) undergraduate program of study.


  • A terminated University Employee (or the Spouse or Dependent Child of a Terminated University Employee) may complete a semester or course for which a Student Tuition Credit was previously applied.
  • All fees, books and other course materials are the employee's responsibility; the tuition discount does not apply to the M.D. program at UMass Medical School, programs and the J.D. program at UMass Law School at UMass Dartmouth, and courses and programs identified by a campus as Continuing Education except as noted above*.
  • UMass Global courses are not eligible for a tuition discount under the tuition waiver / remission program.

This information is provided as a general reference; where information that appears here differs from Trustee or University policy, the policy prevails.

Benefited University faculty and staff should complete and submit the Tuition Waiver/Remission Form to Human Resources to request reduction in tuition charged for classes they or qualified dependents are taking at a Massachusetts public institution of higher education. This process should be completed before the end of add/drop during every semester in which courses are being taken.

Benefited UMass Amherst Employee Tuition Waiver/Remission Application Process:

Benefited employees requesting a tuition waiver should complete boxes 1 & 2 of the Tuition Waiver/Remission Form (securing completion of Box 3 if applicable) and submit the form via AskHR or bring the completed form to the Human Resources Employee Service Center – please note, your signature is required on the form. UMass Amherst HR will complete Box four and:

  • If the class(es) are being taken at UMass Amherst, e-mail the completed form to the UMass Amherst Bursar cc the employee.
  • If the classes(es) are being taken at another MA public institution of higher education, Human Resources will e-mail the complete form to the UMass employee for submission to the Bursar at the school where classes are being taken. Please note, if a hard copy form with wet signature is required by the other school please provide mailing instructions in the email when submitting the form.

Tuition Discount for courses taken at at other Massachusetts Public State Colleges / Universities

Employees with six (6) months or more of full-time benefited service (or equivalent benefited part-time service), their spouses and dependent children, who are enrolled in a full-time state supported program at a Massachusetts  public university or community college other than the University of Massachusetts may be eligible for tuition discounts through the Commonwealth's Tuition Remission program. Please discuss the value of the tuition remission with the Bursar's or Financial Aid Office at the school where classes are being taken.