BuildingLab Pre-College Program

The BCT BuildingLab is a two-week immersive pre-college program for high school students interested in exploring building construction, building science, sustainability, engineering, architecture, technology, and discovering related career paths. Rising 10th – 12th graders get a feel for what college is like while earning two (2) college credits that can be applied towards the Building Construction Technology Program (BCT) at UMass, or others.

Students in this program learn about the built environment by doing – they explore and apply building science and sustainability principles in the real-world classroom of the Amherst area (including the UMass Amherst flagship campus and its surrounding college-town area).

The BCT BuildingLab course format combines hands-on activities with field trips that may include:

  • Build projects, including the use of our shop
  • Use of emergent technologies (drones, infrared cameras, air quality testing, AR/VR)
  • Construction site tours
  • Designing with software (SketchUp, Minecraft, AutoCAD)
  • Fabrication tools (3D printers, laser cutters, hand/power tools, CNC equipment)

Students may also conduct science lab experiments, participate in service-learning activities, and engage with real-world practitioners and sustainability experts.

When? 2 Weeks starting June 30, 2024

Where? This course is offered at the UMass Amherst campus with commuter and residential options available.